Product Information

PRODUCT INFORMATION:                                                                                                   

Me 2U Melt product ingredients are:  soy wax, natural essential oils, natural coloring/dye, mica powder & decorative accents-if applicable. 

Me 2U Melts Liquid/Squeeze Wax Pouches are placed/maintained in a climate-controlled environment with a set temperature of 60 degrees to ensure a quality product. 

Storing your liquid/squeeze wax pouches in the refrigerator will help preserve the product along with enhancing/strengthening the fragrance once it is used in your warmer/burner.

If at any time your wax pouch is firmer that you prefer, simply place it in the microwave for 5-10 seconds.

Liquid/Squeeze Wax is the perfect way to give your home a signature scent.  It's a welcoming comfort to walk into a room and become part of a memory by a favorite aroma.  If you want your home to smell inviting, clean, and luxurious without the fire risk of wick-burning candles.  Liquid/Squeeze Wax Pouches are the perfect safe alternative--especially if you have young children or pets likely to knock over a burning candle.  All you have to do is place a small amount into your warmer/burner, heated by a small lightbulb, and enjoy as your home fills up with the scent of your choice.